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Welcome to the Exciting World of Offsetting!

This amazing kingdom was but a small hamlet just twenty years ago.  Lead by such big players as the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) and the UNFCCC (United Nation framework Convention on Climate Change and the Gold Standard, there has evolved a large credible suite of critical project options for reducing and avoiding GHG emissions, sometimes referred to as the “Carbon Market”.


CAPR would like to help you enter this brave new world. It is quite formidable at first, but we are here to help you all along the way and we have great links to experts and expertise, which can all contribute to your confidence and satisfaction.


What are the reasons for Offsetting and ‘Just what is it?’


First I would say that offsetting is one essential ingredient in the resolution of climate change and becoming carbon neutral.  And it is more than that…


It is a gateway to climate justice.


This is where I think it is wise to have a look at a couple of the best offsetting platforms available today. Here are a couple of recommendations that will quickly the context and the state of the art. If you have the time, please look at one or both of these websites, because they demonstrate better than I can the value of offsetting.


1.   This is a relatively new program put forth directly by the United Nations in order to accelerate emission reductions and at the same time address the Millennium Development Goals. That linkage is so important.


2.   The Gold Standard has been around for awhile. It is strictly regulated by the UN and has continuously raised the bar on offset integrity and the social and environmental benefits from offsetting.


The simple graphic below illustrates one example of the offsetting cycle. The story it tells goes like this. A factory has been ordered to reduce its emissions and is allowed to offset a percentage of those reductions with “Certified Emission Reduction” (CERs), perhaps 25% of the total mandated reductions in its operation. So it has to reduce 75% of its pollution on the site, but can purchase the equivalent amount in Offsets. So in this case it is a tree planting project that is registered in an approved project. The company receives a certificate for every tonne of emissions sequestered in that wood lot, which can not be resold ever again. There is of course much more to this procedure, but this is the basic outline. Substitute yourself for the company. You reduce your personal carbon footprint as much as you can each year and track that amount with a calculator such as ours and then you purchase an amount of offsets equivalent to your remaining balance of personal (or household) emissions to achieve “carbon neutrality”.



So I am beginning to get the picture, but where do I start?


The typically recommended steps are:


1. Calculate your footprint.  You can do that right here on this website.

2. Reduce you emissions wherever you can.

3. Purchase offsets.

4. Repeat annually.


Start small. You might be able to use some of the tips on the “Reduce” page of this website. Our goal is to become carbon neutral and get to the “One Planet” goal. This is where our personal or household footprint is under one tonne annually and if everyone was like that it would be sustainable on earth.


OK…I get the idea, but how do I offset my footprint?


There are several options in terms of offset providers, but maybe if this is your first time with this and you just don’t want to take the time to do the research, you could allow the CAPR team to create a diversified carbon reduction portfolio for you. You simply report the amount of emissions you want to offset to us and we will blend offsets from different sources according to your preferences.


What preferences are you referring to?


There are a raft of great projects to chose from in many different countries and across Canada. There are several different types that each have distinct side benefits. You can view many of them on the two sites I listed above…from wind farms to afforestation to improved cookstoves and many, many others. You can read details about all of them and chose one or more to cover the number of tonnes in your footprint or you can let us do it for you.


The preferences include:



>type of project

>social benefit

>environmental benefit

>cost per tonne 



These are the early days of CAPR’s offset program, but we are ready to roll.  If you are ready to roll or simply want more information, please call or email me. I would love to talk with you about this incredible opportunity for us to turn the tide on climate change. I have twenty years experience with offsetting and can help you get started.


Email: or call  604-483-2419