Climate Action Powell River


On November 29th 2015 one hundred or so residents of the Power River region marched from Willingdon Beach to the Patricia Theatre in solidarity with a global demonstration that day in support of the Paris Climate Conference which was due to begin the following week.  At the end of the march we joined an equal number of people who came to watch Naomi Klein’s movie, “This Changes Everything”.  That day was the beginning of Climate Action Powell River.

We formed a Society later in 2016 and our membership began to grow. We hosted two speakers that first year with support from the Powell River City Council. Guy Dauncey, author of ten books on climate change and renewable energy addressed two hundred people in an evening presentation and met with our directors for several hours and a class of students at Brooks Secondary School. Frederik Vroom of Tree Canada was our second guest speaker. He is the originator of their program called “Grow Clean Air” and brought home to us the importance of planting trees as a way to sequester or drawdown carbon from the atmosphere. By then we were exploring different avenues to address climate change in our community. We came across an organization in California called Cool Davis. We were impressed by their vision and success in getting people involved in their community with emission reduction and lifestyle adaptation. With that we started our first project we called Cool Homes Powell River. The subsequent scope of our reading and research eventually lead to the document we call the “ROAD Map of Climate Action for Powell River”. This is our strategy paper which is guiding us to this date. “ROAD” is an acronym for Reduce, Offset, Adapt, and Drawdown. Currently we have around 250 members and supporters who have joined us in implementing actions in our entire regional district around effective climate action.