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Drawdown refers to activities and technologies that reduce or avoid the concentration of greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. It is what you might refer to as a mitigation strategy where the goal is to provide solutions that help to reduce energy use, change the source of energy, sequester carbon and so on. The idea is to ‘draw down’ carbon out of the atmosphere and reverse the effects of human caused climate change—cooling the planet down! 


Drawdown also happens to be the title of a very important book edited by Paul Hawken. Hawken collected 100 substantive solutions currently in practice in every sector of society. In this sense Drawdown is not just a book but a climate change mitigation project—one put together by a coalition of researchers, academics, scientists, policy makers, business leaders and activists. 


Here is a short synopsis of the Drawdown book by Climate Alert


The table of contents divides the substantive solutions into different sectors, such as Energy, Food, Women and Girls, Buildings and Cities, Land Use, Transport, Materials and Coming Attractions. Furthermore, each solution is ranked, on a global scale, based on the total amount of greenhouse gases they can avoid or remove from the atmosphere. The language used to describe the solutions avoids complex scientific or technological terminology. Descriptions are no longer than three pages and easy to understand. An overview of the history of the discussed solution is offered. The reader may stumble over some interesting historical facts. Did you know, for example, that the first solar array was installed by Charles Fritts on a rooftop in New York City, in 1884? Additionally, a good overview of advantages or opportunities, as well as negative aspects is included. 


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CAPR and Drawdown 


CAPR shares the goals of the drawdown philosophy. We want to get carbon concentrations down to 350 parts per million by building a community movement that raises awareness about human caused climate change and helps citizens and business discover ways of reducing their carbon footprint. Like Paul Hawken CAPR believes that solutions are out there and already being undertaken by engaged individuals, communities, farmers, cities, businesses and governments who care about our precious planet.  


CAPR is tapping into this collective wisdom and bringing to public awareness all of the climate action ideas, projects and initiatives that are taking place right now!  



Climate Action Powell River is currently exploring project possibilities for our local area. One of our projects involves an approach that is now being tested in California. It is called the Local Carbon Network. See the link below. 


Another possibility is to work with Tree Canada on our own local tree planting project.  


Stay tuned for other exciting developments!